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We have yet to hear from a customer who simply woke up one day and said, “I’d like to spend some time and money on my garage door today!” Instead, what happens is that most homeowners tend to put off nagging problems and symptoms for as long as they can, hoping the issue will resolve itself if they just ignore it hard enough.

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Of course, the opposite is usually true: the more you put off garage door maintenance and repair, the worse things get. That makes delaying the inevitable a bad idea. To show you why, we want to share with you five garage door problems you shouldn’t ignore, and then give you a couple of reasons why…

When Your Garage Door Is Trying to Warn You of Problems

Although it happens, a garage door rarely stops functioning altogether, out of the blue, unless it’s the result of a sudden accident. Usually a jammed, broken, or completely stuck door is preceded by one of these symptoms:

#1: Intense squeaking and squealing when you use your garage door

#2: A garage door that won’t open or close all the way

#3: Bent or broken panels within your garage door

#4: Missing parts or broken springs that prevent your garage door from working properly

#5: A garage door that seems to get “stuck” in the middle of opening or closing

It might be tempting to think of any of these as nothing more than an annoyance, or to grumble about them for a moment and then move on with your day. That would be a big mistake though, and one that can easily cost you a bit of time and money.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Garage Door Issues

As you would probably guess, your garage door is highly unlikely to repair itself, and most issues only worsen over time. That means that putting off needed maintenance is almost always going to come back to bite you, beginning with things like:

Bigger garage door repair bills – the longer you let the problem go on, the higher chance there is of parts becoming worn and broken. A simple spring replacement, for example, can quickly turn into a new garage door installation if the issue goes untreated while the motor is exerting force on other components.

Insecure entrances to your home – when your garage door stops working properly, it essentially becomes the equivalent of an open window that can allow visitors into your home (or at the very least, to the possessions you keep in your garage).

A loss of insulation in climate control – your broken garage door can be like an open window in another way, too, allowing hot or cold air to rush into your home. That’s bound to affect temperatures and energy bills, of course, but can also lead to property within your garage being ruined by exposure to the elements.

Issues of safety and injury – broken garage doors can be dangerous, and numerous people are injured every year as a result of accidents stemming from falling or opening while people are around them. You never want a loved one to be harmed because of part of your home hasn’t been repaired.

None of these are problems Albertan homeowners want to deal with, and in many cases they can be prevented by a quick call, a few new parts, and a little bit of care. Your garage door is an important part of your home, and one that’s easy to maintain so long as you don’t procrastinate on essential maintenance. If your garage door is trying to tell you something, be sure to listen!

If you are unsure of your garage regarding any safety issue its worth calling a professional for some sound advice. Feel free to cal and see if we can give you some tips or come out and assess your door issues. Call at any time during the day, including weekends at 403-234-9777.

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