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Is your garage just a place to park your car, and maybe a few possessions, or a part of your home to be enjoyed and maintained?

The answer you give to that question probably says a lot about how much attention you paid to your garage, how clean and organized it is, and whether or not you’ve made any improvements to it since you moved into your home. It also probably tells us whether or not you are satisfied with your garage, or wish it could be configured differently.

Make you garage place for fun

If you’ve been thinking of your garage as little more than a shed, or a place to keep your automobiles out of the elements, it’s time to change your philosophy. Here are five reasons to start loving your garage and giving it the attention, maintenance, and improvements it needs:

#1: Your Garage Adds Value to Your Home

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, you should remember that your garage is an important entrance and probably incorporates more square footage than you might think. Improving yours can be a great way towards increasing your home’s value and equity.

#2: Your Garage Protects Things You Need

For most Calgary homeowners, purchasing an automobile is the second-most important purchasing decision to make (after buying the house itself) in terms of financial consequences. Cars and trucks are expensive, and you want to get the maximum life and value from them, which means keeping them safely stored away from the elements.

Most of us keep other valuables in our garages, too, including recreational items and things that have sentimental significance. Keeping these things safe and dry should be a priority.

#3: You Probably Go Through Your Garage All the Time

If your garage seems like a tangled mess of boxes and clutter, it’s probably distracting to you every time you enter or exit your home. Cleaning it up and making small improvements is a good way to feel more relaxed when you arrive at your house, instead of being immediately confronted with a messy space. And a tidier garage sends a better message to friends and visitors who come to your home.

#4: A Neglected Garage Can Hide Dangers

You might think that a cluttered or unmaintained garage is little more than an inconvenience, but the fact of the matter is that a neglected garage can be dangerous. Old cans and containers can leak fumes, cluttered boxes and tools can represent fire risks, pests can flourish in damper moldy areas, and bad wiring can burn your house down in an instant. If you aren’t paying attention to your garage, there could be dangerous and expensive problems lurking in the places you don’t look.

#5: You Can Have a Lot of Fun in Your Garage

The best reason to care for your garage isn’t because you don’t want bad things to happen though — it’s because you could be having a lot of fun in there with a little bit of creativity. The garage is a perfect place to pursue hobbies like woodworking, to set up your own bar or craft-brewing station, or even to start a band or company. The possibilities are limitless, if only you begin to see your garage as a bigger part of your home.

Do you want the garage that brings down the value of your home and is a pain to get in and out of every day, or one that’s a clean, organized space where you can find what you need and pursue personal projects? The choice is up to you.

Upgrading your garage starts with repairing or replacing faulty garage doors. Call us today and see how we can help.

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