11 Nov 2016

Ice Hockey & Your Garage Door

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ice hockey and garage door maintenance

It happens every year in Canada—Old Man Winter arrives with little or no warning! Which is great if you can’t wait for outdoor skating rinks and the hockey season! The good news is that even by late autumn, there’s still time to have your garage door serviced before ice storms coat your weather seals, or road […]

19 Feb 2016

A Brief History of Falling in Love With Our Automobiles

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the history of automobiles

If a man’s home is truly his castle, then his garage door is the drawbridge. And his parking garage is the stable. That would make his automobile his mounted steed—his faithful companion on the trails of life. It was 115 years ago that the first modern shock absorber was invented. A piston and cylinder were […]

7 Jan 2016

Garage Door New Year’s Resolutions

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Garage Door 2016 New Year Resolutions

2016! New Year’s resolutions have a long and distinguished history. Some two-thousand years ago the Babylonians set the pace by promising their gods that all borrowed items would be returned and debts paid in full. It was a good start. Not to be thought any less of, the Romans made similar promises to their god […]

8 Dec 2015

Open Your Hearts’ Door

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open your heart's door

We all spend a lot of time “opening doors” throughout the calendar year. But it seems to me that the one door that is boarded shut for much of the year is the door to our hearts. During this Christmas season our corporate family would like to pause and remember that our customers are made […]

9 Nov 2015

Unhealthy Garage Door Weight Gain!

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We can help if your garage door experiencing unhealthy weight gain

Garage doors are like people. Most of us have put on a few extra pounds since our high school prom. And you might be surprised to learn that as the years and decades roll by, your garage door may suffer from the same unhealthy fate! That’s important to know, because every extra pound puts additional […]

25 Oct 2015

5 Reasons to Start Loving Your Garage

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Make you garage place for fun

Is your garage just a place to park your car, and maybe a few possessions, or a part of your home to be enjoyed and maintained? The answer you give to that question probably says a lot about how much attention you paid to your garage, how clean and organized it is, and whether or […]

14 Oct 2015

A Dozen Things You Should Never Find in Your Garage

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Keep Your Garage Organize

As we’ve noted in the past, garages can serve a lot of different purposes. They can store your automobiles and recreational vehicles, of course, but they can also serve as workshops and hang out areas with a few good upgrades and renovations. At the same time, it’s important to note that there are some things […]

6 Oct 2015

5 Garage Door Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Girl Hiding behind the blinds

We have yet to hear from a customer who simply woke up one day and said, “I’d like to spend some time and money on my garage door today!” Instead, what happens is that most homeowners tend to put off nagging problems and symptoms for as long as they can, hoping the issue will resolve […]

1 Oct 2015

Garage Door Jots & Tittles a.k.a. Thingys

Garage door definitions of different parts and hardware

Curiouser & Curiouser! Your garage door has curious bits and pieces that might leave you wondering and asking yourself, “What the heck is that for, anyway?” After twenty-five years in the garage door industry, customers still surprise me by pointing out these puzzling singularities-often seemingly useless “thingys”. And I keep relearning that what’s obvious to […]

27 Sep 2015

How to Keep Your Garage Clean and Tidy

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Couple Organizing Garage Stuff

It’s not unusual, when we show up for a garage door repair service call, to hear the homeowner sheepishly apologize for the state of their garage. Remember that to service your garage door we need a clear corridor wide enough for a step ladder–both along the inside of the garage door, and beneath the operator […]