25 Oct 2015

5 Reasons to Start Loving Your Garage

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Make you garage place for fun

Is your garage just a place to park your car, and maybe a few possessions, or a part of your home to be enjoyed and maintained? The answer you give to that question probably says a lot about how much attention you paid to your garage, how clean and organized it is, and whether or […]

14 Oct 2015

A Dozen Things You Should Never Find in Your Garage

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Keep Your Garage Organize

As we’ve noted in the past, garages can serve a lot of different purposes. They can store your automobiles and recreational vehicles, of course, but they can also serve as workshops and hang out areas with a few good upgrades and renovations. At the same time, it’s important to note that there are some things […]

15 Sep 2015

One Thing to Remember About Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

Remmber About Garage Door Repair

We understand that most people will never spend as much time thinking about garage door maintenance and repair as we do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t think about it at all. Even if you aren’t all that concerned about your garage, or can deal with the costs and delays that come from a […]

16 Jul 2015

25 Year Industry Study On Garage Doors Concludes

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diy home owner considering a garage door repair

“Your Garage Door Reveals Your IQ!” Full Disclosure Let me confess upfront that the ’25 year study’ cited is the span of my own career in the overhead door industry. There was no control group. No double blind. No placebo. The sole researcher was yours truly. And the data was collected in the most haphazard […]

11 Jul 2015

Why a Smiling Garage Door is Really Un-Happy

if your garage door is smiling like the Cheshire Cat, it needs repair

The Cheshire Cat A garage door can sag unnaturally in either the up or the down position, producing a characteristic smile. But a smiling garage door is really just poorly braced, and can lead to more serious problems. If a garage door is correctly braced when first installed it will resist unnatural sagging, twisting, and bending, and […]

27 Feb 2015

8 Ways To Help Your Teen Park In Your Garage

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Teenager Driving Car Outside House

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen The time has come: your teen is now old enough to drive. As you cautiously, almost regretfully, hand your keys over to your teenage daughter or son, you can’t help but envision potential driving obstacles. That recessed fire hydrant where it’s easy to get a ticket. That four-way stop where turning […]

9 Jan 2015

Garage Home Safety

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Garage Door Safety Women Lifting Old and Damaged Door

Secure the Castle A suit of armour is only as strong as its weakest link. This same principle applies to a home. As one of the largest openings to a house, your garage door needs to be secure if your family is to be safe. While break-ins have been decreasing, a Statistics Canada report suggests […]

27 Sep 2014

Your Garage Doors Needs

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overhead door with opener motor

Knowing Your Garage Doors’ Needs: Consumer-Savvy Tips If you don’t generally pay much attention to your garage door system, you’re not alone. Most of us assume our garage doors will work well, day in and out, and are unpleasantly surprised when something goes wrong. If you know how a garage door system works, though, you’ll […]

19 May 2014

Garage Door Safety

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Broken Garage Door Needing Maintenance and Replacement

Piece Of Mind When your garage door is broken or malfunctioning, we want to remind you that you should never attempt to fix it without the help of a professional. Accidents have occurred as a result of improper maintenance and repairs by unqualified persons. To keep yourself and your family safe from accidental harm in […]