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Why Is It Happening and What Do You Do?

You have gone through the process of choosing the perfect garage door for your home. The color and style match your home’s exterior, it has the ideal R-value, and it looks like it should last for years to come. After the install process you push the button on your garage door remote . . . and nothing happens. What do you do next? How do you program your garage door opener?

Garage Door Remote Programming

Whenever you buy a new garage door or have certain parts replaced, such as electrical wiring and hardware, you will need to sync your garage door opener to the remote. You also may need to reprogram your garage door whenever you replace the remote battery, depending on the model.

Sync the Opener and Remote

First, let’s go over the simple steps to programming the opener so that it is on the same wavelength as your remote:

  1. On your garage door opener, locate the “Learn Button” (it will be labeled)
  2. Push and release the Learn Button
  3. Push and release the lift/open button on your remote
  4. Watch for a light on the opener to flash once

If the light on the opener flashes, your remote now communicates with the opener. If nothing happens, consult your owner’s manual to see if additional steps are required.

This is the same process you use when programming a keypad, with the exception that you have the additional step of typing in your 4-digit code and hitting the “enter” button on your keypad (after you have pushed the lift/open button).

Reprogram Just the Remote

If you get a new remote or need to replace the battery on your existing model, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a screwdriver or a flat piece of metal into the corner of your garage door remote to open up the device
  2. Replace battery (if needed)
  3. Lift up the light panel and locate a small button
  4. Press and hold this button for about 30 seconds
  5. Push whatever button you want to be programmed to open the door
  6. Put the garage door opener back together

If you have to replace your remote control, make sure that you know how many megahertz your garage door opener uses. You must get a remote control with the matching amount of megahertz or your new device will not be programmable. To determine how many megahertz your opener uses, look for a 3 digit number on your remote control or identify the part number on your opener. These numbers identify the frequency (amount of megahertz).

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