It only takes one broken spring or cable on your garage door to ruin your day.

We know, because we are called out to replace them continually. While things like loose screws or hinges, dirt, and rust on a garage door can cause minor problems, broken springs and cables are frequent culprits when your garage door isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

Spring Repair and Maintenance

Although these parts are relatively simple in their design and function, choosing the right ones and installing them correctly is best left to the professionals. That’s because a malfunctioning garage door can severely injure a homeowner attempting to repair it.

At The Garage Door Co., we have experience working with all makes and models, and the kind of reputation that can only be developed through decades of service to Albertan homeowners. When you want to work with technicians you can trust to get the job done, and to know you’re getting a fair price, call us first.

We are also proud to provide a five year warranty on all of our springs which is coupled with our standard two year labor warranty on all of our services.

When a Broken Spring or Cable Strikes…

Most homeowners don’t realize that they’ve taken their garage door for granted until they press a button on the remote one day and don’t get the reaction they were hoping for. Then, with vehicles and other possessions trapped inside – or worse, the garage door stuck open – they are left wondering who they should call.

That’s when you turn to Calgary’s number one garage door repair service. Our family-owned and operated team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, no matter what kind of garage door problem you’re facing.

A garage door that is broken, stopped, or jammed can be dangerous, and you could be hurt badly by trying to replace parts or fix the unit yourself! We advise you to call a trained technician for a free quote at 403-975-7960 for advice and assistance.