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Make Your Home Look Unique and Fabulous

Is your home looking dingy and drab? Are you afraid its sale value is lower than ever? Is its dilapidated state making it stick out in your neighbourhood?

If your home hasn’t been updated lately, it’s time for a little upgrade or renovation. This doesn’t mean you need to spend months of time or hundreds of dollars. In just one weekend, you can turn your home from the neighbourhood eyesore to the best spot on the block!

White Garage Door for Curb Appeal

Here Are 10 Simple things You Can Do

10. Modernize the mailbox. If you’ve had the same mailbox for 20 years, it’s time to get a new one. Alternatively, you can update your existing mailbox by giving it a new paint job or surrounding it with flowers as part of a small garden plot.

9. Get newfangled numbers. Have you ever thought that your house numbers have huge decoration potential? Updating your house numbers is a simple way to make a change to your home, but it can make a big difference.

8. Furnish the front door. The front door can be one of the best ways to give your home a dramatic change. Repaint your door, install a new door knocker, or add a wreath.

7. Add outdoor elements. Have you ever considered getting a fountain for your front lawn? A birdhouse? A pond? Little features can add personality and class to your home.

6. Exchange eavestroughs. Peeling paint, rust spots, and an overall broken-down look make your entire home look second-class. Why not install new eavestroughs? This will improve both the quality and appearance of your home!

5. Perfect paint. Is your home’s paint job outdated? Call a reliable painting company—or even a design-savvy group of friends—to help you select the perfect paint colors. With the right paint for the job, you can create a whole new home!

4. Wow with a walkway. Installing a new walkway leading up to your front door is a simple way to delight all your visitors. Try concrete, stone or brick.

3. Grow a Garden. It’s time to get out your gardening tools and start planting! Creating a garden is one of the best ways to turn your home into a gorgeous haven.

2. Feature the front porch. The front porch is a great place to add personality to your abode. Try out new furniture, lights, or doormats to enhance the look and feel of your front porch.

1. Get a new garage door. A dull, dented garage door can significantly lower your home’s look and value. Choose a new garage door that fits your home’s style and enhances both the security and look of your home. The Garage Door Company Ltd. has a wide selection of garage doors in various materials and styles to fit any home.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal