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Piece Of Mind

When your garage door is broken or malfunctioning, we want to remind you that you should never attempt to fix it without the help of a professional. Accidents have occurred as a result of improper maintenance and repairs by unqualified persons. To keep yourself and your family safe from accidental harm in the garage, call on The Garage Door Company for repairs and replacement services. Also keep these things in mind when your garage door is in disrepair:

Broken Garage Door

A loaded garage door spring is under a significant amount of tension. If you attempt to repair or adjust the garage door yourself, you may be seriously injured. A faulty door or bad repair or adjustment can maim and can even cause fatal injury. Don’t take a chance on getting hurt, call in the professionals.

Even if your garage door is not broken or faulty, walking under it while it is moving is dangerous. Keep children away from the garage door while it is in motion, even if it has safety sensors. You need to keep yourself safe as well by never walking or driving under the door while it’s moving. Wait until it comes to a complete stop before proceeding.

Your Safety is Our Priority

No matter how large or small the repair need seems to be, always call on professionals to help you with the upkeep of your garage door. We have professionals who can serve you and your family by helping you to maintain garage door safety. If you notice any problems with your door, call us for service and advice.

There is nothing better than knowing that you and your family are protected from dangers in your own home. We are available for garage door repair 24/7 so that you never have to worry about the hazard of a door in disrepair. Call The Garage Door Company today, and stay safe!

Routine Garage Door Service Solves Future Problems