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Secure the Castle

A suit of armour is only as strong as its weakest link. This same principle applies to a home.

As one of the largest openings to a house, your garage door needs to be secure if your family is to be safe. While break-ins have been decreasing, a Statistics Canada report suggests this is due to an increase in home security features available to the public. There are some relatively simple things a homeowner can do to secure a garage door and enjoy the benefits of a secure house.

Close the Garage Door

While perhaps the simplest security measure, it is also the most essential. An FBI report found that around a third of American break-ins were unlawful entries through unlocked or open doors. Thieves have been known to take advantage of an open garage door to empty the garage or gain access to the rest of the house. One possible solution is to install an open garage door monitor that sets off a warning light when the garage is left open, letting you know that it needs to be closed.

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Have a Secure Garage Door Opener

Another important security precaution is to have a good garage door opener. First, you should make sure that the door opener has a rolling signal that changes every time the garage door is used. Otherwise, thieves can obtain a code grabber that copies the signal of a garage door opener, giving them free access to a home. Also, keeping your garage door opener on a key-chain prevents thieves from stealing a car and having access to the house.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

When valuables are easy to see, criminals become more tempted to break into a home. You should secure valuables in hard to reach places as a possible solution. Another precaution is to obscure garage door windows, preventing criminals from scoping out your valuables or seeing if anyone is home.

Bolt the Inside Door

The door connecting the garage to the house is just as important to secure as the door to your home. This door ought to be as secure as the front door, and should be made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel. Make sure to secure the door with a deadbolt when leaving the house. While inconvenient, this makes sure that if the garage is compromised the rest of the house is not.

Lock the Garage When Out of Town

Oftentimes garage doors come with a latch that can be padlocked when you are out of town. If there isn’t a latch, it is possible to use attach C-clamps to the garage door track. This will make it harder to open the door while you are gone. Just remember to remove the C-clamps when you come home.

Taking precautions will deter criminals and ensure your family’s safety. Having good habits and reliable security systems will give you peace of mind and peace in your home. To learn more about how to secure your garage or for any other garage questions, contact our office.

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