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The Latest Garage Door Technology

It’s truly the technology age, as everyone who owns a smart phone or tablet can attest. Every day we seem to hear about another mind-blowing gadget or fun new piece of technology. It’s not all about entertainment, though – advanced garage door technology is all about making your life easier.

High Tech Door Opener Remote

Today’s garage door systems make it easier than ever before to access your garage from your car, from the road, from anywhere. But security is more advanced than ever before, too.

Digital Garage Door Accessories

Let’s explore the latest garage door accessories further:

  • Digital Access – From Anywhere. When you’re shopping for a new garage door system, you’ll be amazed by your ability to open or close your garage door from the road, the office, or anywhere you have internet access. You can even turn house lights on and off.
  • Small, Convenient Transmitter Fobs. This option is great for those who don’t have smart phones but want the convenience of a smaller opening device on their key fob.
  • Keyless Entry Pads. The next time you go for a jog or a bike ride and don’t want to carry a phone or clunky set of keys with you, you won’t have to; keyless entry pads on your garage allow you to open and close your garage doors wirelessly via a short pin number. You can even change your pin at any time, or create temporary access for guests.
  • Overhead Apps (smart phone, tablet, computer). If you need to open your garage door for a neighbour unexpectedly, or turn your lights on a few minutes before you get home, now you can do so from the road with a convenient smart phone or tablet app. You simply log on to the system, and you’re set.

It’s a new world, and with the latest garage door accessories, your life is more convenient than ever before! If you need help programming of syncing your garage door products, feel free to give us a call for advice and guidance.

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