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Summer Tips To Keep Down The Heat

If you’re like most homeowners during the hot summer months, you’re going to be doing everything you can to keep your homes cool. Upgrading air conditioning, re-caulking windows and investing in fans, door snakes, and lots of lemonade are all typical summer preparations. But amidst all of your home summer projects, don’t forget to prepare your garage for the coming heat, as well.

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Your garage is probably full of storage that needs to be protected against the elements. While storing it on a top shelf might keep your possessions safe against potential flooding and out of the wind, it won’t protect them from the heat. Additionally, when the heat climbs to over 37 degrees Celsius, doing projects out in the garage won’t be much fun. Here are a few ways to keep your garage cool this summer:

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are much cheaper than installing air conditioning in your garage. You can either buy freestanding fans or get them professionally installed. Freestanding fans should be placed so that they blow air out through an open window or door.

Installing fans is a little more difficult, but might be more effective. If your garage has a vaulted ceiling, installing a ceiling fan might be a good option. Otherwise, place them high on the walls on opposite sides of the garage.


Weatherstripping tape is easy enough to install and will make a noticeable difference. Place it around the bottom edge of your garage door and around any windows. Leaving a 1/2 inch of the tape protruding from either end of the door will cause the loose ends to splay out, creating an even tighter seal against the hot outside air.


If your garage door is a darker color, consider repainting it for the summer. Lighter, cooler colors will resist the heat instead of trapping it inside. Whites, creams, and tans are best, especially for homes that face west and take the brunt of the afternoon heat head on.


Insulating your garage door will keep it both cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. If your garage door isn’t naturally wood (which is the best natural insulator), you have other options. Installing polystyrene foam or foil panels on the inside of metal doors will do wonders to keep the hot air out, and injected foam insulation or reflective insulating panels are other options for both metal and fiberglass doors. If you have any questions about what kind of insulation might be best for your garage door, or think you could benefit from an upgraded garage door, give us a call!

Keeping your garage cool during the summer might be a little more difficult than turning on the air conditioning, but taking the proper steps before the hottest months hit will be well worth the effort. Call The Garage Door Company to learn more today!

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