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Sound Advice

If you’re handy, installing a garage door is probably no problem for you. However, if you’re like most of us, you may need help:

  • Ask a technician at The Garage Door Company – we’re happy to give advice!
  • Have a helper or two nearby through the process.
  • Consider purchasing lightweight doors such as fibreglass or aluminum – they’re safer to handle than heavy wood or cladwood.
  • Avoid mistakes like mounting photoeyes in the rafters rather than close to the floor. Follow directions exactly, and watch video tutorials before you start.

The Installation Process

Now that you’ve dealt with a few preliminary tips, enlisted some helpers, and chosen your door(s), it’s time to get started. Here are a few reminders:

First Step – Remove the old door following manufacturer instructions. Unlatch the door from its pulleys, take apart door panels, and unscrew tracks. Use caution to remove one panel at a time so others don’t fall on you!

Second Step – Carefully measure door opening width, height, and headroom (i.e., the space from the top of the opening to the ceiling), and the back room (your garage length). you generally need about 26 – 31 cm of head space, depending on your spring system. Your back room space should be the door’s height plus approximately 46 cm more space.

Third Step – Attach temporary stops on both sides of opening (flush with door jamb’s inside edge). Lay out bottom section of new door on sawhorses, then attach weather stripping, hinges, and lift handles as directed.

Fourth Step – Insert bottom section of door into the frame. Use a level to set it correctly, then tap nails partially into door frame to secure. Assemble your opener’s track according to manufacturer’s directions; set track aside. Follow the same process with other door panels, always setting in place with nails in the door jamb as you go.

Fifth Step – Follow individual manufacturer directions to install the rollers and springs in your pulley system, as these steps can vary by manufacturer. Soon, you’ll be on your way to a fully-functional new garage door.

If you are get overwhelmed or feel that you are in over your head, give us a call for some helpful advice, or let us know when you want us to come out and give you a hand with your install. Good luck and stay safe!

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