21 Sep 2015

7 Garage Upgrades Worth Considering

Garage Upgrades Worth Considering

When homeowners think “home improvement,” garage upgrades usually aren’t the first idea that comes to mind. And yet, there are simple changes and additions you can make to your garage that will make your home a more enjoyable place to be and add to its value. Here are just seven of the best and most popular […]

9 Sep 2015

Fix or Replace Your Garage Door? The 3 Worst & 3 Best Reasons

friendly garage door repairman

When your garage door needs significant service work, you might legitimately ask whether replacing the door is a better option. On the one hand a single service call out might offer a cheap short term solution—but on the other hand, ongoing service work can add up to a lot of lettuce! Are you throwing away […]

10 Aug 2015

Are All Garage Door Companies the Same?

Are All Garage Door Companies the Same

When you need a garage door installed or repaired, does it really matter who you call? Are there really any differences between the different garage door companies you see advertising for your business? To the outsider, there probably aren’t. Most people don’t ever think about garage doors at all, unless theirs stops working suddenly. Then […]

11 Jul 2015

Why a Smiling Garage Door is Really Un-Happy

if your garage door is smiling like the Cheshire Cat, it needs repair

The Cheshire Cat A garage door can sag unnaturally in either the up or the down position, producing a characteristic smile. But a smiling garage door is really just poorly braced, and can lead to more serious problems. If a garage door is correctly braced when first installed it will resist unnatural sagging, twisting, and bending, and […]

5 Feb 2015

Garage Flooring

Garage Door New Flooring

A Home Improvement Worth Making? Garages serve different purposes in different households. While many people use the garage as a storage space for vehicles and other large valuables, others set up a home workout space or a tool bench. Some people even convert their garage into an office. Now, imagine how you want to use […]

18 Oct 2014

How To Choose The Right Garage Door For You

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Wooden Garage Door Matching House Exterior

Selection To Satisfy Every Need Congratulations on making the decision to install a new garage door. What should you do next? If you’re like most people, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the choices in front of you. Which material is best? Which style will work best for your home’s exterior? Which doors need the […]

15 Aug 2014

The Ins And outs Of Homeowner Garage Door installations

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Garage Door Installation Team

Sound Advice If you’re handy, installing a garage door is probably no problem for you. However, if you’re like most of us, you may need help: Ask a technician at The Garage Door Company – we’re happy to give advice! Have a helper or two nearby through the process. Consider purchasing lightweight doors such as […]

11 Jan 2014

Programming Your Garage Door Opener And Remote

Garage Door Remote Programming

Why Is It Happening and What Do You Do? You have gone through the process of choosing the perfect garage door for your home. The color and style match your home’s exterior, it has the ideal R-value, and it looks like it should last for years to come. After the install process you push the […]