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Knowing Your Garage Doors’ Needs: Consumer-Savvy Tips

If you don’t generally pay much attention to your garage door system, you’re not alone. Most of us assume our garage doors will work well, day in and out, and are unpleasantly surprised when something goes wrong.

overhead door with opener

If you know how a garage door system works, though, you’ll know what to do when something goes awry.

Be a savvy consumer with these tips:

  • Don’t be fooled into purchasing inferior garage door operators made with cheap plastic gears. Buying a high quality system is more costly at first, but saves money over time due to its long life span (plastic parts break quickly and easily, causing many maintenance headaches).
  • Keep your unit’s safety eyes clear at all times – don’t block them with any objects if you want your doors to open and close!
  • Make sure the safety eyes are aligned; if a minor bump dislodges them even slightly they will be misaligned and won’t work properly.
  • Check your wall controls periodically; some of them have override functions to help with troubleshooting your garage door operator.
  • Follow your safety recommendations to the letter as specified in your owner’s manual; these are critical to avoid injuries or fatalities.
  • Don’t let children play with transmitters and other remote control equipment! Garage doors are not toys.
  • Place wall controls well out of reach of children, and keep stools, ladders, and other climbable items away from the area.
  • Inspect your system regularly (as part of a routine) to see if it’s properly balanced and no hardware is loose or failing.
  • Keep tracks and rollers well-lubricated and greased – generally twice a year. Do not over-apply grease, and avoid solvents like WD-40 (use a heavier silicone spray instead).

Check out our frequently asked questions page for more tips and advice, and if you are still in doubt, call a technician for periodic service – The Garage Door Company’s capable service technicians are available 24/7 to help you care for your garage doors.

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