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When homeowners think “home improvement,” garage upgrades usually aren’t the first idea that comes to mind. And yet, there are simple changes and additions you can make to your garage that will make your home a more enjoyable place to be and add to its value.

Garage Upgrades Worth Considering

Here are just seven of the best and most popular improvements you can make to your garage:

#1: Better Lighting

Although a lot of homeowners think of their garages as dark, dank places, this often has more to do with lighting than any other natural qualities. By adding some better lights, or even a couple of windows, you can completely change the way you see your garage forever. You may even be able to swap out the “solid” top section of your garage door, for one that is glazed–has windows.

#2: Improved Climate Control and Insulation

Here in Alberta, the summers can get hot and the winters very cold. That means spending time in your garage, or keeping sensitive valuables within it, is likely dependent on some kind of insulation and climate control. Luckily, adding things like heating and air-conditioning to your garage is usually an easy and inexpensive project.

#3: Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring adds a lot to your garage, making it more sleek, durable, and safe. Plus, with the right coating you can fight stains and dirt, all while making your floors slip-resistant. And best of all, you can lay logos, art, and designs under your epoxy flooring to give your garage a high-class look.

#4: More Electrical Outlets

There are a lot of fun things you can do in your garage – like start a band or finish woodworking projects – that require a little bit of electrical power. Beginning with more grounded outlets is a good first step, but look into increasing your overall amperage, as well. The more power you can take into your garage, the more fun you can have within.

#5: Organizational Equipment

Recently, we offered some tips for de-cluttering your garage and making it a more fun and usable space. The first step on that path is getting the right equipment for the job, usually in the form of hooks, shelves, and other easy-to-install pieces. When everything has a place, it’s easier to enjoy your garage and see it as a place to work and spend time.

#6: A Workstation and Tools

Keeping power tools and landscaping equipment in your garage is practically a time-honored tradition. But, to keep things safe (and avoid sawing through your leg, for example) it’s a good idea to invest in a workstation that can help you store and organize your things in a way that keeps them protected from the elements, each other, and random bumps and scrapes.

#7: A Better Garage Door

If you’re going to go through the trouble of upgrading your garage, it only makes sense to give yourself a quality garage door, complete with a high-powered motor, so you can get in and out quickly and securely. As with all the items on this list, installing a new garage door (and a new garage door opener) doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but can greatly improve the value and utility of your space.

Has it been awhile since you’ve paid attention to your garage and seen the possibilities that lie within? If so, it might be time to use these seven ideas as an inspiration and turn yours into a more functional space. Remember, your garage can be the place where you build crafts on the weekends, launch your next band or start-up company, or just keep valuable possessions in a climate -controlled environment.

It doesn’t matter how you use the space, just that you make the most of an often-overlooked part of your home.

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