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Improve The Life Of Your Door With Regular Maintenance

Garage doors are one of those things that we all take for granted. When you think about it, your garage door does a lot. It keeps heat in and cold out while keeping children in and rodents out. Not to mention that it protects your vehicle and possessions while adding curb appeal to your home. How do we show our appreciation for this noble protector? We hit it with sporting equipment, subject it to cruel weather, and largely ignore its existence.

Big House With Three Garage Doors

Perhaps it is time to show your garage door some love. Give your garage door a maintenance checkup. As an added bonus, a little TLC will add years of life to your garage door. This will save you money and the headaches that arise when a garage door does not function properly.

Easy Maintenance Tips

If It Moves, Lubricate It. All moving surfaces need lubrication in order to prevent rust and premature wear. It also helps combat the annoying squeaking sound that garage doors sometimes make. When lubricating the track or rollers on your garage door, be sure to use silicon or light oil, not heavy grease.

Perform an Auto-Reversing Test Once a Month. The auto-reversing test is an easy way to see if your garage door is getting off track or has other mobility issues. On many garage doors the auto-reversing test is as simple as flipping a switch. Contact us if you have questions.

Monitor Mechanic Check Door and Balance Torsion Springs. The mechanic check door and balance torsion springs ensure that your garage door opens and closes in a balanced, fluid motion. If one or both of these mechanisms falters it could lead to drastic – and expensive – consequences. It is better and safer if you have a professional service your balance torsion springs and check door. We recommend a maintenance visit from one of our professionals every 2 years.

Routine Service Solves Future Problems