9 Nov 2015

Unhealthy Garage Door Weight Gain!

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We can help if your garage door experiencing unhealthy weight gain

Garage doors are like people. Most of us have put on a few extra pounds since our high school prom. And you might be surprised to learn that as the years and decades roll by, your garage door may suffer from the same unhealthy fate! That’s important to know, because every extra pound puts additional […]

6 Oct 2015

5 Garage Door Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Girl Hiding behind the blinds

We have yet to hear from a customer who simply woke up one day and said, “I’d like to spend some time and money on my garage door today!” Instead, what happens is that most homeowners tend to put off nagging problems and symptoms for as long as they can, hoping the issue will resolve […]

1 Oct 2015

Garage Door Jots & Tittles a.k.a. Thingys

Garage door definitions of different parts and hardware

Curiouser & Curiouser! Your garage door has curious bits and pieces that might leave you wondering and asking yourself, “What the heck is that for, anyway?” After twenty-five years in the garage door industry, customers still surprise me by pointing out these puzzling singularities-often seemingly useless “thingys”. And I keep relearning that what’s obvious to […]

15 Sep 2015

One Thing to Remember About Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

Remmber About Garage Door Repair

We understand that most people will never spend as much time thinking about garage door maintenance and repair as we do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t think about it at all. Even if you aren’t all that concerned about your garage, or can deal with the costs and delays that come from a […]

9 Sep 2015

Fix or Replace Your Garage Door? The 3 Worst & 3 Best Reasons

friendly garage door repairman

When your garage door needs significant service work, you might legitimately ask whether replacing the door is a better option. On the one hand a single service call out might offer a cheap short term solution—but on the other hand, ongoing service work can add up to a lot of lettuce! Are you throwing away […]

10 Aug 2015

Are All Garage Door Companies the Same?

Are All Garage Door Companies the Same

When you need a garage door installed or repaired, does it really matter who you call? Are there really any differences between the different garage door companies you see advertising for your business? To the outsider, there probably aren’t. Most people don’t ever think about garage doors at all, unless theirs stops working suddenly. Then […]

16 Jul 2015

25 Year Industry Study On Garage Doors Concludes

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diy home owner considering a garage door repair

“Your Garage Door Reveals Your IQ!” Full Disclosure Let me confess upfront that the ’25 year study’ cited is the span of my own career in the overhead door industry. There was no control group. No double blind. No placebo. The sole researcher was yours truly. And the data was collected in the most haphazard […]

3 Jul 2015

4 Reasons Not to Repair Your Own Garage Door

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Homeowner Repairing a Garage Door Opener

So you’re all set to go to work, and find that your garage door won’t open. Or maybe some severe weather is moving in and you find that you’re unable to close the door and protect your valuables. In these situations, is it better to call a garage door repair company or try to repair […]

20 Apr 2015

Salt Stains On Your Garage Floor

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Salt Stains On Garage Flooring

Remove and Prevent Damage During winter, your garage becomes a haven for your car. It protects your vehicle from ice and snow, and it stops frost from building up on your windshield. When you keep your garage door in good repair, you can easily pull out of your garage without worrying about your radiator freezing. […]

20 Jan 2015

5 Steps To Prevent Squeaky Garage Doors

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Headache from the Noise of His Broken Garage Door

Fix The Headache You’re headed out for work in the morning, coffee in one hand and garage door opener in the other. You’ve steeled yourself for the busy day, but nothing prepares you for the ear-splitting screech that hits as soon as you click the “up” button. Whether it’s an extreme noise or a milder […]