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When your garage door needs significant service work, you might legitimately ask whether replacing the door is a better option. On the one hand a single service call out might offer a cheap short term solution—but on the other hand, ongoing service work can add up to a lot of lettuce! Are you throwing away good money for bad service?

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Be Kind to Our World – Reduce Reuse Recycle

After more than thirty years in the overhead door industry, I’ve been asked many times whether a door is worth fixing. And I’ve developed a particular mindset, a set of criteria that reflect an ecologically sound philosophy.

Three Worst Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

  1. AGE: Okay. But is the garage door structurally sound? In the case of a metal door is it a rust bucket? Or with a wooden door is it rotted to the core? I reject the knee-jerk assumption that ‘old’ means exhausted and useless. I recall that as a toddler I loved to run my fingers over my grandfather’s deep wrinkles and grey whiskers. Sentimental fool!
  2. AESTHETICS: The neighbourhood aesthetics and local building standards must been considered. A back alleyway door might be allowed more ‘character’. But a front facing door is clearly expected to look as good as your perennial flower bed, or your manicured lawn, or your rockscaping. Pride of ownership means that you want a garage door that looks sharp and enhances the curb appeal of your home.
  3. EXPENSE: Pay me now or pay me later. An older garage door in frequent need of service work can nickel-and-dime you to death. Whereas a new garage door installation may be expensive up front—but its also trouble free and under warranty! But consider that you may be waiting several weeks to schedule an installation.

Three Best Reasons To Fix Your Garage Door

  1. AGE: Yes it’s old. But as a working machine is the garage door healthy? Apart from the immediate problem—a broken spring or frayed cable for instance—are the mechanical and electrical systems of the door entirely useable and functional, safe and sound? Again I reject a ’throw away’ mentality, when routine service and maintenance is clearly the issue.
  2. AESTHETICS: She’s a classic! An energetic homeowner might mitigate this with elbow grease and fresh paint. But does your garage door bear a thousand cuts and bruises from your son’s NHL hockey dreams? I try to be diplomatic with this one. Because my personal dream car is a ’58 Ford Edsel. Enough said.
  3. EXPENSE: Almost any problem can be repaired for a price. But also consider that a repair is immediate—especially when your car is trapped and you need to pick up the kids after school! Your garage door will be functional again—often within an hour or two. And you can get on with your busy day.

Any reputable garage door company can offer same-day, after hours and weekend service – to free up your trapped vehicle. And for a longer term solution to your garage door woes, a wide range of garage doors and openers are available. But again, be kind to our world. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You’re in the driver’s seat!

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