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A Home Improvement Worth Making?

Garages serve different purposes in different households. While many people use the garage as a storage space for vehicles and other large valuables, others set up a home workout space or a tool bench. Some people even convert their garage into an office.

Now, imagine how you want to use it. Maybe it’s time to install the ultimate home improvement workspace or do some major spring cleaning. Perhaps you envision transforming it into a showroom for your cars. Do a mental assessment of your garage by making a list of the following:

  • Size
  • Organization
  • Cleanliness

To achieve your perfect garage, consider how flooring can transform this often under-utilized space, making it more functional, stylish, and appealing.

Garage Door New Flooring


Once you know how you want to use your garage, evaluate any potential climate or environmental issues. For example, some garages flood periodically, a factor that will likely influence how much you spend on flooring and what type you invest in.

Time of year also influences your garage floor remodelling options. Some flooring choices can be installed year round; others require plenty of fresh air and adequate drying time, so they’re best done in warmer temperatures.


The last point to consider is budget. First, get a rough estimate of your garage’s square footage. You’ll need this number no matter what type of flooring you decide on.

Second, determine an approximate amount you’re willing to spend to update your garage floor. Plan to spend at least $100. With many options available, there’s likely a pattern, colour, and material that suits your needs without breaking your budget.

Flooring Options

With your dream garage and practical budget in mind, it’s time to shop flooring options. These six versatile choices deserve examination (listed from least to most expensive):


Many homeowners opt for painting the garage floor because it’s inexpensive. Although this option comes in literally every colour, there’s more to consider than price and variety here. This do-it-yourself garage updating project requires hours of prep, application, and drying time putting your garage out of commission for normal use. In addition, this option doesn’t add much in the way of comfort and may still chip and crack easily (requiring touch-ups and reapplications every few years).


One step up from latex paint, epoxy coverings are a more durable but slightly more expensive way to protect your garage floor. Do-it-yourself garage floor epoxy kits are available at most home improvement stores. Be sure to wash and prep the floor thoroughly and allow sufficient drying time. Without proper preparation and drying time, your tires may adhere to the surface.


For a more home-like feel in your garage, there are special carpet types for transitional outdoor-to-indoor spaces. Compared to regular in-home carpet, these carpet styles show fewer stains, are more fire resistant, and have greater durability to withstand wear and tear from car tires. Garage floor carpeting is suited for anyone who dislikes the feel of cold concrete and uses their garage mostly for storage or as additional home square footage.

Rolled floor covering

Rolled floor coverings require minimal set-up time but still give your garage a finished feel. These mats come in standard sizes and can be rolled out in one piece or cut to fit specific areas. Garage floor covering rolls work well for people who want to cover only a portion of their garage floor or who want a consistent wall-to-wall look. Rolls come in various patterns but have fewer colour options than tiles.


Flooring tiles are a versatile option for covering and protecting your garage floor. You can choose from rubber, plastic, wood-like, or ceramic tiles, depending on the function and look you want. Many tiles interlock for easy installation. You can also create patterns and designate specific areas while still maintaining a unified look. While tiles require a larger upfront investment than paint or epoxy, replacing individual tiles is a snap and you can bring them with you if you change residences.

Floor mats

If you want to cover only a portion of your garage floor, shop for floor mats. Unlike tiles or rolled coverings that you order by the square foot, most floor mats come in pre-cut sizes, ready for use underneath tool benches, workout equipment, or storage shelves. As an additional perk, some pre-cut mats have a spongy feel to enhance comfort for workers or special traction to prevent slipping.

It’s decision time. If you opt not to update your garage floor, you know you’re making an informed choice. Just remember: investing in your garage from the bottom up could inspire you to take better care of your whole garage.

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