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The Cheshire Cat

A garage door can sag unnaturally in either the up or the down position, producing a characteristic smile. But a smiling garage door is really just poorly braced, and can lead to more serious problems. If a garage door is correctly braced when first installed it will resist unnatural sagging, twisting, and bending, and that ironic Cheshire Cat smile.

if your garage door is smiling like the Cheshire Cat, it needs repair

Slim-Cat Fat-Cat

A sagging garage door can contribute to excessive mechanical wear, poor weather sealing, and even catastrophic failure. Lighter metal and fibreglass garage doors tend to sag the least, and typically in the up position. Whereas heavier wooden garage doors tend to sag the most, and typically in the down position.

The Mouse Hole

When your door is in the up position is there obvious drooping of the top section? Over time this can lead to the top section cracking—and catastrophic failure. And how about when the door is in the down position. Is there a noticeable gap on either side, between the concrete floor and the bottom section? In the overhead door industry the technical term for this is a mouse-hole!

Pandora’s Litter Box

That warpage so obvious to the eye will mean excessive wear and tear on the wheels and hinges, and mechanical drag on the motor. In short, a host of problems. And in the long run that means expensive repairs and replacement of damaged mechanical and electrical components. That same warpage will result in poor weatherstripping and sealing. And of course if your garage is heated, your hard earned utility dollars are blowing in the wind!

Taming the Beast

Fortunately there is a solution to this predicament. There are several smart ways to properly brace a garage door, even many long years after installation. Any competent garage door technician can offer advice for your particular situation. And of course its best to call a professional door technician before that smiling garage door shows it’s true claws!

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Garage Door Caturday CTA