20 Apr 2015

Salt Stains On Your Garage Floor

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Salt Stains On Garage Flooring

Remove and Prevent Damage During winter, your garage becomes a haven for your car. It protects your vehicle from ice and snow, and it stops frost from building up on your windshield. When you keep your garage door in good repair, you can easily pull out of your garage without worrying about your radiator freezing. […]

12 Mar 2015

Winter Garage Door Maintenance

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Winter Cleaning Snow in Front of Their Garage

Be Prepared in Advance As snow squalls, deep freezes, and bone-chilling temperatures settle in throughout Calgary, you may feel the need to bundle up in blankets and stay indoors for the next few months. However, your garage door needs care and maintenance now more than ever. Extreme temperatures and stormy weather can cause a variety […]

20 Jan 2015

5 Steps To Prevent Squeaky Garage Doors

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Headache from the Noise of His Broken Garage Door

Fix The Headache You’re headed out for work in the morning, coffee in one hand and garage door opener in the other. You’ve steeled yourself for the busy day, but nothing prepares you for the ear-splitting screech that hits as soon as you click the “up” button. Whether it’s an extreme noise or a milder […]

27 Sep 2014

Your Garage Doors Needs

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overhead door with opener motor

Knowing Your Garage Doors’ Needs: Consumer-Savvy Tips If you don’t generally pay much attention to your garage door system, you’re not alone. Most of us assume our garage doors will work well, day in and out, and are unpleasantly surprised when something goes wrong. If you know how a garage door system works, though, you’ll […]

14 Jun 2014

Add Years To Your Garage Door

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Big House With Three Garage Doors

Improve The Life Of Your Door With Regular Maintenance Garage doors are one of those things that we all take for granted. When you think about it, your garage door does a lot. It keeps heat in and cold out while keeping children in and rodents out. Not to mention that it protects your vehicle and […]

5 Apr 2014

How To Renew The Look Of Your Garage Door

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Old Rusted Garage Door

Dingy Garage Door? No Problem! After you drive home from work and pull into your driveway, you realize that the outside of your house isn’t looking as good as it was a couple of months ago. What is giving your beautiful home this lackluster appearance? Maybe a few storms have rolled through your area and […]

28 Mar 2014

Phantom Garage Door

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Garage Door Opening

What Does It Mean If Your Garage Door Opens . . . All on Its Own? You return home from vacation and find your garage door wide open. No one has stolen anything, and nobody saw who did it. You close it, thanking your lucky stars that nothing went missing, but it happens again. You […]

20 Feb 2014

10 Ways To Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal

White Garage Door for Curb Appeal

Make Your Home Look Unique and Fabulous Is your home looking dingy and drab? Are you afraid its sale value is lower than ever? Is its dilapidated state making it stick out in your neighbourhood? If your home hasn’t been updated lately, it’s time for a little upgrade or renovation. This doesn’t mean you need […]

21 Dec 2013

Keeping Your Garage Cool

Man Waving His Hat in the Heat

Summer Tips To Keep Down The Heat If you’re like most homeowners during the hot summer months, you’re going to be doing everything you can to keep your homes cool. Upgrading air conditioning, re-caulking windows and investing in fans, door snakes, and lots of lemonade are all typical summer preparations. But amidst all of your home […]